Joe Beernink

This wasn’t my idea, really!

Picture says it all. We did not position them this way. We laid Lorelai down next to Reece and she tucked herself in, right against him.

Lisa spending some quality time with Reece

Lisa and her Dad talking to Reece in the incubator

Reece, later on the first day after being removed from the CPAP machine and placed in an incubator. This little guy is a fighter!

Lisa and Lorelai the first morning (while Joe was back at home in bed getting needed sleep)

Reece a few hours after birth in the NICU, hooked up to the CPAP machine to help him breathe

Here are some pictures from the first 24 hours. Me with Lorelai for the first time, while Lisa was still in surgery. I’ve gotten measurably better at holding babies in the...

Here’s a picture from 1/20/07 with Lisa, her Mom, Marcia and the babies (under the grey shirt).