Joe Beernink

Here are a couple of quick videos to brighten your day Lorelai vs her socks Reece trying to crawl

Reece will eat just about anything… fast. Sometimes eating is more about art… as in Sweet Potato face painting Lorelai likes gourmet food better. Is that Grey Poupon, Why yes, it...

Here are some videos we recorded the last week or so. I know people are going to think that Reece dancing is just me moving him, but he’s moving me. Honest....

Yes, Reece is already faster than I am. We’re in big trouble if he ever gets his balance figured out.

Daddy is welcomed home by his loving children

Reece is quite the yamerer when you get him going

A video of Lorelai getting her daily tummy time. A video of Reece is in the process of being uploaded.

Lorelai has discovered that Reece likes to save food on his sleeves

Let’s face it folks. Babies a month old, eat, sleep, cry and poop. So if you want an entertaining video, you’re gonna have to be a little bit (or a lot)...